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A fractional COO is an outsourced professional who works with your team as a Chief Operating Officer. The scope of work and desired project pace you identify will determine how often we meet to discuss process improvement and operations-related projects.

By working with a fractional COO, you are adding an outside perspective to your team and letting their fresh insights innovate your business strategy. You also don’t have to worry about the costs of having a full-time employee because we are a contracted resource.

How We Can Help You

  • Strategic Guidance

  • Pricing strategy

  • Delivery strategy

  • Resourcing strategy

  • Forecasting

  • Operational tools & systems

  • Metrics & Benchmarking

  • Reporting

  • Project Management

  • Organization

  • SOPs

Business Presentation

Your FCOO may meet with you a few days per month to work on your strategic planning. Your FCOO may meet with you twice per week to oversee sales activities, process improvement, and various projects.


By bringing on a COO, your project management team and more-junior operations folks can focus more on the execution of their role and less on the strategy behind it.


We will discuss where you are today, where you want to go and how we can work together to get you there. Specifically, we will identify what areas of focus you need and the frequency.


Once we’ve agreed on a Fractional COO program, we will conduct a more detailed analysis of your needs. This involves having detailed discussions with your leadership team, supervisory staff, and client facing employees.


We’ll work with the appropriate members of your team to develop any necessary processes, solutions and action plans. We will also decide on the appropriate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) so we can measure our progress objectively on an ongoing basis.

  • Marketing systems assessment & overhaul

  • Business plan build-outs

  • Developing specific support for hiring, onboarding and training

  • Independent evaluation of your business model and systems

  • Creation of business models

  • System set-up and migration

  • Leading a launch of a new service

  • Identifying leaks in your business and then closing the gaps

  • Developing dashboards to manage projects efficiently 



It’s important that we are clear on how to partner, so we start with an advisory subscription and hourly fractional-COO agreement. A deposit must be paid before we begin working on a project. 

Once we get clear on your needs we will propose the retainer (or options) that are right for you

If we have a retainer together, we’ll agree on the “rules of the road” for what “gets done” vs. what needs to be discussed

We bill actuals monthly but will never exceed our estimates without approval

Starter Kit
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